MT White Label Solutions

MT White Label Solutions

Connect2Market offers the one-stop MT White Label solutions to help brokers start their own businesses promptly, allowing them to have their own branded trading platform at affordable prices. Meanwhile, Connect2Market has partnered with a number of liquidity providers to offer clients a variety of hedging solutions. Brokers can freely switch between A-Book and B-Book modes according to their business needs, so as to control risks and maximize profits.

One-stop MT White Label Solutions


Quick and Easy Set-up

Provide truly robust and ultra-competitive MT White Label Solutions for brokers , helping them reduce their operating costs and start their businesses rapidly

Corporate Brand-Building

Establish professional corporate image for brokers to increase customer loyalty , and also to facilitate daily promotion and future development for the company

Offer Customized Services

Provide customized solutions for brokers to accommodate their specific needs, resulting in helping various business development

Hybrid A/B-Book

Allow brokers to freely switch between A-Book and B-Book models according to different risk environment, so as to maximize profits

Support STP Solutions

Connect a number of top-notch international liquidity providers via Straight Through Processing (STP) mode, helping brokers reduce hedging costs and ensure fast order execution

Flexible Solutions Available

Offer the option of fully-hosted Standard plan, or Premium plan (including CRM system and MT4 plugins) to meet brokers ‘ changing business needs

24/7 Technical Support

Provide 24/7 dedicated technical support and customer services, helping reduce the cost of maintenance significantly and ensure the stability and security of the system

Standard Plan

MT White Label Trading Platform

Liquidity Bridge

Real-time Data Feed

Server Hosting

7/24 Technical Support

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