Mobile Apps Solutions

Mobile Apps Solutions

Mobile Apps have become the latest trend of modern trading. Since 2012, Connect2Market has started to provide reliable mobile trading platforms, financial information platforms, and social trading platforms. With our mobile apps, most updated trends can be spotted and trading can be executed anytime and anywhere.

Remarkable Features

Copy Trade

Investors can automatically copy the trades of top-performing traders from a variety of copying mode anytime and anywhere through the mobile app

Live Streaming

Expert traders can offer market analysis and trading tips for investors by using the advanced live video streaming function, allowing investors to obtain the latest market information

Fans Groups

Fans groups are created for each expert trader, allowing expert traders and investors to interact with each other anytime, anywhere, and thus to strengthen the relationship

Market News & Information

Provide real-time quotes and financial information of various investment products, allowing investors to get the market update and hence, making the best trading decisions

Social Trading Apps

“MarketMaster”, an objective, comprehensive and pragmatic social trading App developed by the Connect2Market team,
allows users to observe how successful traders trade, share their trading strategies or market insights, and perform mock trading competition.

Remarkable Features Include

Build Your Network & Follow the Experts

Top-ranked traders would be recommended to users. Users can set up their own discussion groups to widen their investment circles with friends

Market Forecast Competition

Users can make market forecast based on the direction or target price; the system would then gather and calculate the forecast of each user to create the user ranking

Distribution of Bull & Bear Power

Charts of product price ranges are created based on clients’ trading data to analyze the bull and bear power, so as to improve trading strategy from different perspectives

Expression of Views to Increase Earnings

Users can freely express their views and create their settings of paid articles and strategies, increasing their popularity and earnings

Get Paid for Asking & Answering Questions

Users can get rewards by providing the best answers to others’ investment questions, but also can gain from asking valuable questions by sharing confidential answers to interested parties

Market trends on the Go

Real-time quotes of various products and real-time financial information are provided. Users can set up their own watchlist according to their portfolios, so as to get the market trends anytime anywhere

Financial Information Apps


MarketWatch, the most comprehensive product of m-FINANCE, is dedicated to providing 24×7 Forex and Bullion news, real-time quotes, real-time charts, economic data, interest rates, currency converter, volatility / price alert and forum, with aims to provide “Objective”, “Comprehensive” and “Pragmatic” services.

Remarkable Features Include

Customized Portfolio

Create real-time forex/bullion watch list tailored to meet users’ individual needs

Volatility Alert

Capture highly volatile forex/bullion products and send reminders when product volatility exceeds preset range in a particular time period

Top Stories

Push important forex/bullion analysis on a daily basis, allowing users to respond to market changes in the fastest way

Trade After Shake

Provide precise and easy-winning trading strategies from time to time, discovering tradings of high operability

Hourly Products

Estimate short-term forex/bullion market trends by technical analysis, providing near-term trading strategies


Gather famous forex/bullion bloggers for users to read their analysis

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