mF4 Trading Platform Solution

mF4 Trading Platform Solution

mF4 Trading Platform Solution is a sophisticated trading solution developed for forex/bullion brokerage. The platform is secure, stable and compatible with FIX protocol.

The whole solution includes four modules: Trader Terminal, Dealer Terminal, Back Office, and Price Engine. The trader terminals support web, desktop (in Java and .Net), and mobile apps versions, which suit the needs of all financial institutions. The design concepts of these modules are to allow brokers to have one-stop management of their business, monitor risks and have personalized settings.

mF4 Trading Platform Solution Architecture

Dealer Terminal

Prevention of Churning

Help brokers/dealers self-define churning, which prevents agents from excessive trading in a client’s account largely to generate commissions

Audit Trail

Record and track all trades and every action performed on the system

Manual Dealing Capability

Support manual approval function and help improve risk control mechanism

IP Monitor

Monitor IP addresses of trading with the same system, tracking suspicious clients

Back Office(FTS)

Multi-tier Agent Structures

Capable of creating multi-tier tree structures of introducing brokers and agents, facilitating overall management of different lines of business in one system

Authorized AE Trading

Support creation of agent accounts, which allows agents to log into the trading terminal to view client status and conduct authorized trading for clients

Tailor-made Account Setting

Different Setting for individual clients, including operation fees, margins and spreads, to enhance flexibility

Contract Size Setting

Support user-defined contract sizes, to save the cost of time and provide ease of trading

Efficient Report Management

Over 20 groups of business and management reports for a quick glance of the business

Effective Account Management

Effective management group setting, including deposit / withdrawal management, automatic / manual settlement, real-time order tracking, holiday interest rate and commission setting, etc

Price Engine

Error Quotes Filter

Self-define error quotes to enhance quotation accuracy and reduce risks aroused by wrong information in the market

Support STP

Support STP with fully automatic or selective hedging methods, freely switching between A-Book and B-Book

Price Feed Management

Support multiple data feed / integrated data feed connections to ensure price stability and accuracy

Data Feed Switch

Switch to backup data feed when the normal data feed is in disruption

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