eIDV Solution

Electronic Identity Verification (eIDV) Solution

Connect2Market has partnered with Data Zoo*, a leading global supplier of electronic Identity Verification (eIDV) in the APAC region, to provide below services for its brokerage and financial institutions in securities, futures and asset management sectors.

  • Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML)
  • PEPs (Political Exposed Persons)
  • Sanctions Screening

The eIDV has also been integrated into the Connect2Market CRM system.

*Data Zoo, established in 2010, is a financial technology company and a leading AML and KYC identity solution provider in the APAC region. Data Zoo offers a multi-layered Identity Verification solution that is customized for any industry sector and regulated organization. With access to 4 billion records worldwide, Data Zoo is a trusted electronic identity verification provider.


  • Support over 250 documents (Passport & Drivers Licences) from around the world
  • Accomplished by verifying various documents obtained from reliable sources include Legal full name, valid date of birth, valid ID number, phone number, bank card number and address
  • Able to verify the identity of 4.4 billion individuals within the APAC region from one single platform
  • Verify your customers instantly during online account openning svia mobile and web platforms
  • Direct access to in-country governmental verification sources, providing unparalleled verification rates

Why eIDV?

Better know the customers and reduce the financial risks of the business arrangements with particular customers

Improve their customer quality and enhance business efficiency
Prevent identity theft, money laundering, terrorist financing, and financial fraud

Better comply with international and local regulations

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