ECN System

ECN System

Connect2Market ECN system is an automated system that matches buy and sell orders from different market participants. It connects individual traders, major brokerages and tier-1 liquidity providers in the centralized order book so that they can trade directly among themselves without having to go through a middleman.
There is no dealing desk and no conflict of interest between traders and brokers in an ECN environment. This trading model enables the participants to enjoy transparent pricing, ultra-tight spreads, fast execution and deep liquidity.

ECN System


No Re-quotes, High Flexibility

With order book matching there is never any re-quote. You can place orders flexibly through a wide range of trading options. Multiple order books covering different products can be provided in ECN system.

Real-time Quotes, Multi-level Market Depth

The ECN model enables clients to trade on the tightest possible spreads, and also provides an order book showing the depth of markets and the best bid/ask price in real time, which can help traders better grasp the market trends.

Fast Order Execution, Comprehensive Reporting System

The web-based trading terminal is easy to use. You can place orders in the market quote and order book which is convenient and low latency. Powerful reporting system is configured to help ECN hosts manage their business more effectively and thus achieve a win-win situation for all participants.

Transparent Pricing, Automated Order Matching

Prices come from all participants connected to the ECN and can be seen for all parties. The orders are automatically matched and executed at the best available prices, providing a more transparent trading environment.

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