CRM System

mF CRM System

mF CRM System is a Customer Relationship Management system developed exclusively for facilitating forex/bullion brokerage companies to manage all the Introducing Brokers (IBs) and clients efficiently. It assists to streamline and standardize the operation processes, resulting in reducing costs, improving efficiency and increasing customer retention. The sophisticated cloud-based CRM system integrates seamlessly with the MT4, MT5 and mF trading system. It has a full-fledged affiliate system with multi-tier rebate capabilities which allow brokers to grow their brokerage business rapidly. By introducing new functions to cater different business models, the mF CRM system can help brokers manage their entire business effectively whilst reducing trading risk.

mF CRM System


One-Stop Management

Integrate all functions in one system, including account opening, deposit & withdrawal, multi-tier agent rebate, role permission settings, etc., helping you run the business more efficiently

Detailed Data Analysis

With powerful data analysis capabilities, the system can conclude the customer’s profitability based on historical transactions and hence, managing customers with hierarchies to create more profits for agents

Enhance Client Relationship

Improve customer satisfaction significantly through efficient customer relationship management and immediate follow-up of customer needs

Corporate Brand-Building

Allow for customization with company logo and domain name, helping create professional corporate image and increase customer loyalty

Intuitive User Interface

Designed with the latest HTML5 technology, the user interface is simple, clear and easy to use

Ensure System Stability

With advanced forex R&D technology and 24/7 customer support, system errors and downtime can be minimized

Mobile Friendly Design

By adopting responsive web design, you can access the system to manage your account from any mobile devices anytime, anywhere

Trader/IB Portal

Instant Account Opening

Seamlessly integrate with the MT4, MT5 and mF trading system, allowing users to open trader and sub-IB account online instantly

Electronic Identity Verification Service

Provide real-time Know Your Customer(KYC), Anti-Money Laundering(AML) and PEPs(Political Exposed Persons) and Sanctions Screening services to help brokers better know their customers and reduce the financial risks

Multi-tier Agent Structures

Capable of creating multi-tier tree structures of IBs/agents and generating sub-IB/ sub-agent’s referral link to expand the business rapidly

Commission Setting

Flexible setting for the automatic rebate system; One-click setting for agent rebate group and rebate amount

Integrated Account

Manage multiple MT4, MT5 and mF accounts under one integrated account for greater efficiency and convenience

Deposit / Withdrawal

Support online processing of deposits and withdrawals as well as payment gateway integration for the ease of managing the accounts

Detailed Report

View the transaction details and position summary to understand the real-time profit & loss and rebate details for better risk management

7/24 Service

Provide instant customer and technical support by phone or email to strengthen communication with clients

Admin Portal

Account Management

Allow to configure roles and set permissions separately, managing the trader and IB account effectively

Fund Management

Support exchange rate maintenance, valet deposit & withdrawal and manual adjustment of account balance; View deposit and withdrawal details, commission settlement and rebate history

Report Management

Provide detailed management reports, including trader account opening statistics, deposit and withdrawal statistics and rebate statistics

System Statistics

Show the overall statistics including the transaction summary, the number of users and trading accounts, as well as the amount of total deposit and withdrawal

Information Management

Allow to perform different email settings and support public announcement to all users

Rebate Configuration

Customize the automatic rebate rules and settlement methods by configuring rebate criteria

Profit Sharing

Allow to copy clients’ trades by self-defined direction and ratio to share the profit and loss with the customers

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