Security with Flexibility

Connect2Market understands the importance of safety and flexibility of trading system to clients, so we have put numerous resources to research on safety solutions to maintain system security and set flexible solution to create ‘Care-Free Trading’ experience for clients.


We customize server of appropriate capacity and efficiency to suit the actual needs and budget of different financial institutions


Our enterprise cloud servers allow increasing resources upon clients’ requests. This enhances a more flexible distribution of resources than physical servers


Enterprise-grade firewalls and perfect network encryption resist against hackers

Data Encryption

High level encryption of database and data transmission protects trading security and privacy

Stability and Reliability

The interactive combination of Hybrid Cloud and Physical Machine builds a stable, reliable and highly recoverable system environment via numerous data centre resources.

High Availability

The structures of all server systems are supported by numerous high-end servers. With hot stand-by redundant servers, they can prevent service suspension caused by unusual conditions of a single server, and their cloud technology makes the system more stable and flexible

Hardware Redundancy

When a failure occurs, the failed system’s application data is migrated to and restarted on the backup system. Ideally, when an application switches from one server to another, users would experience no disruption and would not be aware that the job has been switched to a different server

Network Redundancy

All data centers have a network redundancy support service, using multi-point and point-to-point channels set up by various network providers to ensure multiple access. Protect each point automatic continue operation

Backup Solution

Regular schedule backup of the system prevents data loss. Different modes of backup for different clients would make the best data protection

DR Solution

Our offsite data backup service automatically replicates and stores data through encrypted channel to another appliance at a remote site. In the event the local backups are no longer viable, backup administrators can easily recover any version of data from the backup server in a remote site

Recovery Testing

Regular drills are conducted to ensure all server system environments to transfer smoothly

Dedicated Support Team

The Support Team of Connect2Markets provides technical support to trading platform systems and product and related services. When there are technical problems, our experienced technical support engineers would solve your problems by all means.

24/7 Service

Our Support Team monitors system operations, and provides instant assistance to clients by phone, fax and online support

Professional Training

We provide onsite training and guidance on system maintenance to ensure clients to understand the application and characteristics of products in a short time

System Maintenance

We minimize system malfunction risks by preventive maintenance to guarantee smooth system operation